Simple Truths

Simple “truths” which turn out not to be so simple once we figure out that Santa Claus lived actually on the south pole :-)

There are no good or bad people.

There are people who sometimes act bad, and sometimes they act good. We all have done it; we are all guilty of it. Accept it and live with it. Go and figure out a way to do more good than evil. When your favorite guru/leader starts using excessively labels such as “good” and “bad” watch out – odds are, you are taken for a ride – good, wild ride. Wake up and smell the coffee. You are not 12 anymore. Use your head and start asking questions.

There is no such thing as healthy food.

I am tired of seeing labels as “healthy” this, “healthy” that. Everyone is a health expert these days. Truth is, food does not make you healthy. Food cannot make you healthy. What food does is to provide your body with energy. Food is the fuel. The most “healthy” food taken in excessive quantity will make you sick. Limit yourself to only the most “healthy” food, you will get sick. Truth is, each food has toxins – even the most “organic” one. There are many reasons for the toxins – including the built in “survival instinct”. No plant wants to be eaten; no animal wants to be killed. The organic matter wants to live. And please don’t try to convince me that plants “want” to be eaten. Or if you do, please provide some solid arguments.
You can eat, however, healthy – or more precisely less unhealthy. It’s all question of balance. Food kind, toxins, quantity, variety, allergies, environment, preparation – these are all part of the equation health. Focusing conveniently¬†on only one of the components more often than not serves commercial and/or ideological interests. Wake up and start eating healthy.
Making complex things look simple are part of the manipulator toolbox. Generalization, simplification, categorization are all part of it. There are times that these serve you well, and there are times to run away. The trick is to know the difference…